Saturday, August 28, 2010

Early Radio Publications

This week I uncovered a treasure trove of early radio magazines in downloadable PDF format. If you love radio history like I do, you will enjoy browsing through these publications. Two magazines are represented.

Radio Broadcast Magazine, available issues from 1922 through 1930, covers in great detail the early years of broadcasting and includes much technical information for the early experimenter. The advertisements from these years alone are worth checking out. Articles in Radio Broadcast run the entire spectrum from MacMillan's expedition to the Arctic in the summer of 1926 to detailed descriptions of current vacuum tube circuit technology, projects for the amateur, to coverage and questions about governmental standards and practices in this early era of radio, to programming content and personalities. What a wealth of interesting information for the historian!

Radio Broadcast Magazine

Also available on this site is Radio Corporation of America's Radio Age  Magazine, available issues from 1942 through 1957. This was a quarterly publication produced by RCA. A lot of interesting World War II coverage can be found during the war years, as well as new technology.

Radio Age Magazine

Be sure to check these out while they are still available.