Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Australian Mediumwave Database

I came upon an official Australian government link (ACMA - The Australian Communications and Media Authority ) the other day which documents licensed mediumwave stations for Australia in PDF format. Digging deeper, I found an official government database, published in XCEL (.XLS) format. This file has the basic information, such as call sign, frequency, latitude, longitude, power, and service. No tower information is available, and only a crude maximum signal strength of the antenna pattern's maximum lobe is given. It is also a comprehensive file of all Australian transmitter data: MW, FM, and TV. None the less, it will be useful.

Using an XCEL viewer, the mediumwave information can be copied in its entirety and saved as a text file. Further "massaging" can put it into a proper format. Then the information can be incorporated into a database of Australian mediumwave stations. The file is updated once per month.

List of licensed broadcasting transmitters (main page)

Broadcast transmitter data (EXCEL format)

Mediumwave stations, by call sign order (PDF)
Mediumwave stations, by frequency order (PDF)
Mediumwave stations, by area served (PDF)

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