Wednesday, July 31, 2013

National Radio Club Antenna Pattern Book - 7th Edition

I wasn't sure a new edition of this book would ever be published again, but here it is.

*Note: Can't seem to find this book as of July, 2018. Perhaps it is out of publication.

New for 2013, the National Radio Club Antenna Pattern Book - 7th Edition.

This all new edition prepared by NRC’er Paul Swearingen is an all-inclusive book of patterns for both Day and Night operation of stations in the USA, Canada and selected foreign stations. The data for this comes from the forthcoming 34th edition of the AM Radio Log and NRC’er John Callerman’s comprehensive Mexican Station listing.

The book comes shrink wrapped in 8.5 by 11 three hole punch format for placement in your own three ring binder. There are 240 pages and the book has maps covering 530 through 1700 Kilo Hertz depicting the lower USA, Canada and Mexico. Hawaii and Alaska are shown on separate maps at the of the book.

The book is available from the National Radio Club at PO Box 473251, Aurora CO 80047 and ships media Rate to addresses in the United States for $22.95 for members ($26.80 shipped priority mail) and $28.95 ($32.80 shipped priority mail) for nonmembers. Canadian orders are US$35.00 and all other countries are US$39.00 both shipped Global Priority Mail.

The book will begin shipping immediately following the Minneapolis Convention, August 1-4.