Sunday, September 6, 2009

Favorite Frequencies?

Favorite frequencies? Seems like a silly question, "What are your favorite frequencies?" MW DXers are interested in any new, interesting, or rare DX, regardless of frequency. But many times, and more often than not, I find myself hanging out on certain same frequencies every night to see what might pop out underneath the usual pickings.

Here in Avon, New York, 20 miles south of Rochester, current evenings at sunset and beyond I am listening on 630 KHz for that big WMAL fade down (50KW, Washington, DC) to see what shows up underneath. Canada is well represented on this frequency, but there is a lot of weak US stuff underneath, many under 100 watts nighttime power. This is where the nulling proficiency and sensitivity of your radio is really tested.

850 KHz is another frequency I am checking now. WKNR, Cleveland, OH (4.7KW) usually dominates, and WKGE out of Johnstown, PA (10KW) broadcasting a baseball game, and WEEI, Boston, MA (50KW). But a few weeks ago I heard KOA, Denver, CO (50KW) fade up when the sun set at the Denver end. Who knows what else will appear in time?

1620 KHz is another favorite. One day I will catch WDHP out of Frederiksted, Virgin Islands (1KW) over the other weak offerings on this frequency. One day.

I am always checking the 570 KHz and 870 KHz Cuban frequencies for the Radio Reloj time ticks. In recent days last week good Cuban audio has been received on these two frequencies at 0600 local time. This is a good propagation indicator for the southern US like the Gulf Coast, and further into Florida or the Caribbean. The Cubans can be quite strong at times. Now that summer is dying and the Fall MW DX season is upon us, WWL, 870 KHz, New Orleans, LA (50KW) has been a power house here lately both in the evening and early mornings. Almost always underneath are the Cuban time ticks fading up and down.

The X-Band is always fun too, 1620-1710 KHz. 1630 KHz, another favorite, can be counted on most evenings to bring me KCJJ out of Iowa City, IA (1KW). They are often broadcasting a sports event. I have had WRDW from Augusta, GA (1KW) fade up and ID for me on occasion. However, I am looking for the elusive KKGM, Ft. Worth, TX (1KW) to appear.

820 KHz is another interesting frequency. It is sparsely populated, and a lot of what is there is low power. That is, all except for WBAP, Ft. Worth, TX (50KW). It will appear one of these days if I can get past WWLZ and WNYC, both New York stations, low power, but dominating. But I am always checking.

Those are some of my favorite frequencies of late. How about you?

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