Thursday, September 10, 2009

Empires Of Light

Okay - not radio - but electricity, for without electricity we would not have our beloved radio. Here is what promises to be a great book which documents the race to see who would electrify the world first - Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, or George Westinghouse.

From Publisher's Weekly - Author Jill Jones "details the rise and fall of the three visionaries who harnessed electricity, while also offering a critique of corporate greed. Her tale emphasizes the "War of the Electric Currents," in which Thomas Edison sought to defend the primacy of his direct current electrical system against George Westinghouse's higher-voltage and more broadly applicable alternating current system. Nikola Tesla, the somewhat kooky Serbian genius (and former Edison man), joined the fray on Westinghouse's side with his AC induction motor."

I purchased this book from Borders last week. This one will be on the top of the reading stack for the Arizona trip this year.

See the Edward Morris review-

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