Sunday, January 14, 2024

C.Crane Twin Coil Ferrite Signal Booster DISCONTINUED!

It's always been in my head to try an actual C.Crane Twin Coil Ferrite Signal Booster. I've used tuned Q-stick devices before with a lot of success. They have sharp nulls and lots of inductive gain. The Crane unit promised more of the same with its 8-inch twin coil ferrite rod.

Checking the Crane website the other day, I was shocked to find that they have discontinued it. Now, if I want to give it a try, I'll have to find one elsewhere - maybe eBay. I see there are a few of them out there yet. I'd advise you to pick up one of these fabulous goodies before they are gone forever.


Ian said...

The patent on the Twin Coil Ferrite expired, so anyone could take this on perhaps?


Ian, you bring up a great point. Maybe someone will pick this up and run with it. Since the patent is expired, I don't see why not.