Monday, October 25, 2021

RDMW 2022 Mediumwave Pattern Reference

North American Broadcast Mapping Tool & Database

We are proud to announce the launch of the latest edition RDMW-2022 Medium Wave Pattern Reference. Now in its 9th year, RDMW comes with many new features and updated station data ready for 2022.

Radio Data Medium Wave (RDMW) allows you to see and map the coverage area of all medium wave (AM/MW) broadcast stations in North America.

Included is a complete set of Google Map-based, HTML-driven maps which show the most current pattern plots of all licensed US and Canadian mediumwave broadcast stations from 530 - 1700 KHz. Through careful curating, virtually 99% of all licensed Mexican stations are also included, the vast majority with plots. Lastly, also included are a sample of Caribbean stations, and the coastal marine NAVTEX 490 Khz and 518 KHz stations.

The set includes all frequencies for the indicated services: Unlimited, Daytime, Nighttime, and Critical Hours. Data for the plots is based on the current FCC and Industry Canada databases available at creation (October 19, 2021).

870 KHz - skywave at night to the UK

If you've ever wondered why a radio listener would be interested in the coverage patterns or maps of radio stations then you can find out at Medium Wave Circle.

New developments for 2022 include:

  • The latest callsign and technical data for all US and Canadian MW stations
  • Expansion to cover Mexico, Bahamas and the Caribbean for the first time
  • Expansion to cover 490kHz – 1700kHz; now includes MW Navtex stations
  • Addition of real-time night/day terminator (greyline)
  • “Click+Save” setting of your receiver location
  • Easy tuning control added to control bar
  • Easy daypart selector added to control bar
  • Ray tracing control added on a per station basis.
  • In-screen “Help” button

Knowledge drawn from RDMW has been fundamental in helping DXers further their craft and enjoy their hobby. It can help you plan your listening and help you target stations broadcasting from particular areas. Intelligence displayed by RDMW has helped U.S. & European DXers plan and hear US stations over great distances – including so-called “daytimer DX” and transpolar propagation. The RDMW maps will also help you determine which stations you might hear on a particular channel, and which might be rather more elusive.

Drawing on the latest data from official sources, club sources and topped off with many days of extensive data checking and validation RDMW probably has the most comprehensive and up to date dataset for AM/MW broadcasting stations in North America. This data is combined with complex geophysical data and propagation modelling to provide you with extremely detailed coverage maps for both daytime groundwave and nighttime skywave coverage for around 5000 radio stations.

RDMW 2022 has been developed and tested by Bill Scott and Steve Whitt and is exclusively available from the Medium Wave Circle DXing club.

This year marks a sea change in how the map sets will be delivered to you, the end user. Europe's premier medium wave DX club, The Medium Wave Circle will be hosting the download. The Medium Wave Circle is an international club for radio enthusiasts. It brings together people all over the world with a similar interest in medium wave radio (MW, AM or BCB) and related topics.

A small fee will be charged to cover bandwidth costs, less than a price of a coffee. Paid membership in the club is not required. Payment is through a PayPal gateway and is safe and secure. You do not need a PayPal account to use this facility.

Click the link just below and get your copy today.

RDMW 2022 Medium Wave Pattern Reference – Medium Wave Circle (

Consider supporting The Medium Wave Circle by joining. Its membership fee is a modest amount for a great return. You will also get access to the group's monthly newsletter, The Medium Wave News, published since 1954, and over 500 past copies of MWN available exclusively to members. You will also get access to the Circle archives and pre-publication discounts on the essential reference book the World Radio TV Handbook. Last but not least, you will have access to a great forum of friendly and helpful people on

We hope you will enjoy this latest version of the Radio Data Medium Wave Pattern Reference. Several hundred hours have been spent this year enhancing the pattern generating program and curating the data. Best of DX!

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