Monday, April 25, 2016

What's On The Mediumwaves (Nighttime)

Here are some interesting statistics compiled today using the FCC database 04-25-2016. All data are for US licensed stations in the NIGHTTIME and UNLIMITED services. Stations outside the continental US (Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, etc.) are also included.


Separate facilities: 4,106 (includes SILENT facilities)




(CL) Current, License records: 4,106


IBOC UNLIMITED: 53 registered
IBOC NIGHTTIME: 181 registered

Class A: 73
Class B: 1,746
Class C: 996
Class D: 1,291

W-Call Signs: 2,350
K-Call Signs: 1,756

Services above band center (1115 KHz): 2,818
Services below band center (1115 KHz): 1,288

East of St. Louis, MO: 2,282
West of St. Louis, MO: 1,824

Quadrant 1 (NE) from St. Louis, MO: 1,015
Quadrant 2 (SE) from St. Louis, MO: 1,267
Quadrant 3 (SW) from St. Louis, MO: 921
Quadrant 4 (NW) from St. Louis, MO: 903

Combined power (watts): 10,898,247

Total towers: 7,761

Tallest tower: 992 feet (302 meters) (N)WRDT-560.000 (0.565 wavelength)
Shortest tower: 32 feet (10 meters) (N)WSIV-1540.000 (0.050 wavelength)

Towers taller than 225° (0.625 wavelength or 5/8 wave): 36 (N)WGKA-920.000 (N)WKY-930.000 (U)KDKA-1020.000 (N)WHO-1040.000 (N)KMTA-1050.000 (N)WZOT-1220.000 (N)KWIX-1230.000 (U)WBVP-1230.000 (N)WJOI-1230.000 (N)KTAM-1240.000 (N)WGVM-1260.000 (N)WIJD-1270.000 (N)WKLJ-1290.000 (N)KTCK-1310.000 (N)WAGF-1320.000 (U)KDTD-1340.000 (U)KSEK-1340.000 (N)KRMD-1340.000 (U)WXKX-1340.000 (N)WLOU-1350.000 (N)KMJM-1360.000 (N)WSTC-1400.000 (U)KMNV-1400.000 (N)KKLO-1410.000 (N)WAOC-1420.000 (N)WPRS-1440.000 (N)KKXL-1440.000 (N)WMBD-1470.000 (U)WSIP-1490.000 (U)WOMI-1490.000 (U)WKLQ-1490.000 (N)KFBK-1530.000 (N)WBGZ-1570.000 (N)WFUR-1570.000 (N)WBCP-1580.000 (N)KTIQ-1660.000

Towers shorter than 36° (0.100 wavelength or 1/10 wave): 7 (N)KAPS-660.000 (N)KCFM-1250.000 (N)WKCY-1300.000 (N)KFJL-1400.000 (N)KBZY-1490.000 (N)KJNT-1490.000 (N)WSIV-1540.000

Towers taller than 750ft: 6 (N)WRDT-560.000 (N)WNAX-570.000 (N)KMJ-580.000 (U)WSM-650.000 (N)WKY-930.000 (N)WHO-1040.000

Towers shorter than 75ft: 12 (N)KCFM-1250.000 (N)WKCY-1300.000 (N)KFJL-1400.000 (N)WZBR-1410.000 (N)WLUX-1450.000 (N)WIRB-1490.000 (N)KLZN-1490.000 (N)KBZY-1490.000 (N)KJNT-1490.000 (N)KVOG-1530.000 (N)WSIV-1540.000 (N)WPDC-1600.000

Total of all tower heights: 1,943,521 feet (592,385 meters)

Greatest tower spacing with respect to array reference point: 2,663 feet (812 meters) (N)KBOW-550.000 (1.489 wavelength)
Closest tower spacing with respect to array reference point: 10 feet (3 meters) (N)WBRD-1420.000 (0.014 wavelength)

Tower type 1 count: 7,230 normal mast
Tower type 2 count: 522 top loaded
Tower type 3 count: 4 sectionalized, top loaded (U)KNBR-680.000 (U)KDKA-1020.000 (N)WHO-1040.000 (N)WOC-1420.000
Tower type 4 count: 5 sectionalized, not top loaded (N)KBIF-900.000 (N)WKY-930.000 (N)WROK-1440.000 (N)KFBK-1530.000

Omni-directional arrays (single tower): 2,471
Directional arrays (multi-tower): 1,635

Highest RMSTheoretical mV/m (published) at 1 km: 3126.79 (N)KFBK-1530.000
Lowest RMSTheoretical mV/m (published) at 1 km: 9.75 (N)KLEY-1130.000

Single tower lowest gain in dB (calculated): -14.71 (N)WDOC-1310.000 (rms standard)
Single tower lowest mV/m at 1 km (calculated): 8.889 (N)WDOC-1310.000 (rms standard)
Single tower highest gain in dB (calculated): 4.188 (N)WHO-1040.000 (rms standard)
Single tower highest mV/m at 1 km (calculated): 3501.793 (N)WHO-1040.000 (rms standard)

Multi-tower deepest array notch in dB (calculated): -39.835 (N)WAQI-710.000 (rms standard)
Multi-tower deepest array notch in mV/m at 1 km (calculated): 0.585 (N)WWSJ-1580.000 (rms standard)
Multi tower highest array gain in dB (calculated): 12.717 (N)KNTH-1070.000 (rms standard)
Multi tower highest array mV/m at 1 km (calculated): 7592.594 (N)WWJ-950.000 (rms standard)

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