Wednesday, May 23, 2012


50 Kilowatts Night - U.S.

50 Kilowatts Night - U.S.

Our next map depicts all 50 kilowatt stations broadcasting during nighttime hours in the United States. 98 stations are represented. Black flags indicate allocations in the nighttime service class, pink flags the unlimited service class (24-7). The FCC defines service classes as DAYTIME, NIGHTTIME, UNLIMITED, and CRITICAL HOURS (the first two hours of daylight after sunrise and the last two hours of daylight before sunset). Data is from the 4-24-12 FCC database.

Representative antenna pattern plots are also shown.

Here are the statistics.

59 stations are Class A. 39 are Class B. 0 are Class C. 0 are Class D.

50 are located east of St. Louis, 48 are west of St. Louis.

51 are "W" callsigns. 47 are "K" callsigns.

The 98 stations broadcast using 269 towers.

30 stations broadcast an omni-directional pattern (single tower). 68 broadcast a directional pattern (multi-tower).

1 station is on the FCC "Silent" list: WDCD-1540.

If we divide the western hemisphere MW broadcast band in half (the center is at 1115 KHz), we have an equal number of MW channels below 1115 KHz and above 1115 KHz. There are 31 nighttime 50KW stations broadcasting above 1115 KHz. 67 broadcast below 1115 KHz.


Dr. Coyote said...

Thanks, belatedly, for the map. I use it all the time for nighttime DXing.


Thanks, Dr. Coyote. Glad you enjoyed the post and can use the map.