Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the Road Again

"On the road again...." Actually I have been "on the road again" since before I wrote last, and have completed the annual road trip west from New York to Arizona by way of Denver. The last of the Mediumwave Along the Erie Canal series was posted while enroute, from Fraser, Colorado on October 9th, while sitting in six inches of snow in the high Rockies.

Had a good trip. Saw some new mediumwave towers in Kansas and Colorado and photographed them. Am settled now in the southwestern desert an hour north of Old Mexico, just east of the Colorado River, and am back to contemplating our radio hobby and DXing again.

Check back soon for some new posts!


Trudy W Schuett said...

Hi there! sounds like you're in Quartzite or Parker. I'm a student at KAWC (Colorado River Public Media, based in Yuma)and just found your blog. THX! I'm learning some stuff!


Hi Trudy,

Nice to meet you. Yes, I am in Quartzsite for the winter.

Glad you like the blog, thanks. Good luck with your public media studies there in Yuma.

Best to you,