Sunday, August 9, 2009

New MW DX Season About To Start?

Time to get back to business here at RADIO-TIMETRAVELLER. Summer has slipped by on me, and we are wending our way back towards the Fall season all of a sudden. Where has the summer gone?

Just purchased a new Tecsun PL-600 receiver from Amazon for a great price of $79.99 plus shipping. Kaito Electronics out on the west coast is the distributor for this little gem. Been having some problems with my Kaito 1103 over the last year, and I bought the PL-600 as a replacement. It's very close to the Kaito in performance, and I like it better in almost every way. I've written a review of the new Tecsun, and I'll be posting it here on the blog. This review in .PDF format has been posted to the ultralightdx group file area as well.

Recent activity of some good mediumwave DX catches has appeared on the Yahoo ultralightdx group. Conditions seem to be showing some improvement as we get nearer to September.

Did some DXing the other night with the Sangean DT-400W and the new Tecsun PL-600 receiver which I use for spotting. I concentrated on 850KHz. Been wanting to catch KOA, Denver for the longest time, and I finally did.

Loggings recorded August 8, 2009.

850 Khz, 0112 UTC, KOA, Denver, Colorado. 50KW 1420 miles
850 Khz, 0120 UTC, WKNR, Cleveland, Ohio. 4.7KW 235 miles

And an unidentified ESPN sports radio station on the same frequency (why won't they identify?), quite strong, but nullable. Several stations were underneath this one, including the two above. KOA is a good catch here for me. It is outside the normal DX distance range. I caught it within a few minutes of sunset at the Denver end.

Spent some time this summer evaluating the my new Sangean DT-400W and Kaito WRX911 ultralights. They are both amazing little radios, and for different reasons. More on that later.

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