Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An SRF-59 Story

Well, I bit the bullet last Sunday and procured an analog Sony SRF-59 ultralight from my local K-Mart. Cost: $14.99. The loop null is good in this unit. I found the sensitivity close to and sometimes better than my little digital Sony SRF-M37V. The tuning is a bit sensitive, and the tuning wheel small, so care must be taken when hunting for weak stations. A nice little unit.

On other notes, first - apologies for no blog posts in the last three months. I have been pretty busy with work and surviving "winter" and the outdoors, such as they are here in Arizona. Second - work on the E1 review, taken up again recently, is going well. It's a big review, some five typewritten pages so far. Look for it soon. I'll be travelling across country back to New York the beginning of April and I should be able to get it out before I leave. Third - the mediumwave DX bandscan for 1000 - 1710 KHz will be abandoned for the current Arizona trip due to time constraints.

The E1, a marvelous receiver, continues to chug along very nicely. Radio Australia is a daily afternoon favorite on 15230 and 15240 KHz.

A goal this summer will be to find a vintage transistor mini-portable at one of the local flea markets.

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