Wednesday, March 11, 2009

49 Meter Loggings

The 49 meter shortwave band has some fabulous propagation these days, particularly at this point in the sunspot cycle. DX can be heard here in North America just before, during, and after local sunset from locations literally around the world. Signal strengths are excellent too. All below received on the Eton E1 with a 60 ft. longwire.

6290 Khz, 0010 UTC, Radio Cairo, Egypt. Low and muffled modulation as usual.
6195 Khz, 0015 UTC, Singapore, BBC relay to SEA, English
6120 Khz, 0220 UTC // 7160 Khz, Iran, Voice of Justice, English.
6070 Khz, 0234 UTC, CFRB/CFRX simulcast, Mississagua, Ontario. 1KW - S-7 in strength!

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