Friday, March 20, 2009

Gettin' Short

15360 Khz, 0117 UTC, Thailand, BBC relay to Asia in English. Great signal early evening here (local time 1817) on the Kaito 1103 with a 15 ft. wire. Good coverage of the economy, including audio excerpts from Congress. Why can't we have some AM radio (other than NPR), here in the states, with coverage like this?

Picked up 20 feet of one-inch PVC yesterday to use as an unsupported vertical antenna. Will string some wire along the length of it and feed it with the RF Systems magnetic balun. Plan to do some testing this weekend.

One week from today I head east across the U.S. back to Rochester, New York by way of Denver. Will be doing some AM DXing along the way. Should be interesting!

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