Monday, September 10, 2018

Radio Calculator Program v1.0015

In the process of developing the Radio Data MW program (the program that creates those neat HTML mediumwave pattern maps available at the upper right), I needed some way to convert values back and forth to check accuracy of calculations. Conversions like watts to dBw, mV/m to dBu, microvolts to dBm, etc. I came up with a little calculator "app" that satisfied the need, and called it Radio Calculator. I present it here for your download and use.

Questions about how dB relates to ratio of values (both watts and voltage), passive loop antenna output, wavelength, radio horizon, field strength, and even sine and cosine tables are all covered in a simple to use format.

The program is written in the old standby Visual Basic. It's been tested on Windows 7 through Windows 10.

Install is simple. Download the file from the link at the upper right of this page, unzip, and run the RadioCalculator.exe file. The file is small at 22 KB. There are no special requirements.

I hope you enjoy it and can make use of it.

Some screenshots:

Decibels and Ratio Conversions

Field Strength Conversions

Voltage and Power Conversions

Passive Loop and Antenna Factor Calculations

Wavelength Information

Various Tables, Including Sine and Cosine

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