Monday, April 25, 2016

What's On The Mediumwaves (Critical Hours)

Here are some interesting statistics compiled today using the FCC database 04-25-2016. All data are for US licensed stations in the CRITICAL HOURS  services. Stations outside the continental US (Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, etc.) are also included.


Separate facilities: 196 (includes SILENT facilities)




(CL) Current, License records: 196



Class A: 1
Class B: 24
Class C: 0
Class D: 171

W-Call Signs: 151
K-Call Signs: 45

Services above band center (1115 KHz): 116
Services below band center (1115 KHz): 80

East of St. Louis, MO: 150
West of St. Louis, MO: 46

Quadrant 1 (NE) from St. Louis, MO: 60
Quadrant 2 (SE) from St. Louis, MO: 90
Quadrant 3 (SW) from St. Louis, MO: 19
Quadrant 4 (NW) from St. Louis, MO: 27

Combined power (watts): 1,074,592

Total towers: 290

Tallest tower: 683 feet (208 meters) (C)WOAY-860.000 (0.597 wavelength)
Shortest tower: 97 feet (30 meters) (C)WNVR-1030.000 (0.102 wavelength)

Towers taller than 225° (0.625 wavelength or 5/8 wave): 1 (C)WLGN-1510.000

Towers shorter than 36° (0.100 wavelength or 1/10 wave): 0

Towers taller than 750ft: 0

Towers shorter than 75ft: 0

Total of all tower heights: 64,844 feet (19,764 meters)

Greatest tower spacing with respect to array reference point: 1,068 feet (325 meters) (C)KVOX-740.000 (0.803 wavelength)
Closest tower spacing with respect to array reference point: 102 feet (31 meters) (C)WCHE-1520.000 (0.158 wavelength)

Tower type 1 count: 263 normal mast
Tower type 2 count: 27 top loaded
Tower type 3 count: 0 sectionalized, top loaded
Tower type 4 count: 0 sectionalized, not top loaded

Omni-directional arrays (single tower): 147
Directional arrays (multi-tower): 49

Highest RMSTheoretical mV/m (published) at 1 km: 2875.09 (C)WMEX-1510.000
Lowest RMSTheoretical mV/m (published) at 1 km: 144.84 (C)WASN-1500.000

Single tower lowest gain in dB (calculated): -0.998 (C)KKLL-1100.000 (rms standard)
Single tower lowest mV/m at 1 km (calculated): 148.422 (C)WKIK-1560.000 (rms standard)
Single tower highest gain in dB (calculated): 3.118 (C)WLBA-1130.000 (rms standard)
Single tower highest mV/m at 1 km (calculated): 2234.218 (C)WTZA-1010.000 (rms standard)

Multi-tower deepest array notch in dB (calculated): -29.266 (C)KGBT-1530.000 (rms standard)
Multi-tower deepest array notch in mV/m at 1 km (calculated): 10.507 (C)WRYT-1080.000 (rms standard)
Multi tower highest array gain in dB (calculated): 9.471 (C)KFXZ-1520.000 (rms standard)
Multi tower highest array mV/m at 1 km (calculated): 5106.254 (C)KVTT-1110.000 (rms standard)


Highlander said...

Thank you for doing this blog, which I am very much enjoying, & looking forward to reading all the posts.
Since my mid teens 1985?ish, I have listened to DLF radio on 1269kHz MW. I grew up in the West Highlands of Scotland, had no German language skills at all, but I am a musician, & I can assure you that music is a universal language that needs no translator. Over 3 decades, that station (usually after midnight) introduced me to Weather Report (jazz), The ECM record label, and a wide spectrum of utterly fabulous music & musicians. Mostly in an uncategorisable? category! that would today be called "World music". Before these programmes began, was always the weather forecast in German for shipping.
Last year, Germany closed down (I think I'm right in saying?) DLF and almost ALL ! of it's state MW radio services. The supposed Justification being "to provide money for DAB rollout"

I suspect you're maybe (wisely) not a very political kind of person, and I don't want to get overly political, but I can't help being of the view that there are extremely wealthy & powerful individuals & forces, who simply want Sovereign states to no longer have a voice, of any kind especially not a transnational one. I believe the reasons the public are being given for AM closedowns (i.e.The BBC Re;Radio 4 LW "we don't have any valves left" !) are a pack of lies, fed to us by puppets) I wondered if you had any thoughts on these matters, but anyway, keep up the great work & thanks again.


Hello Highlander,

Thank you for your comments and support. I'm glad you like the blog. I haven't been very active on the blog in the last months.

The demise of AM radio in this country seems to be from lack of interest. Not many people I know listen to it anymore from a broadcast standpoint. And certainly not young people. Much of it is filled with political talk radio, and sports talk. I can only surmise that the digital media has diverted attention away. We shall se what the future holds.

Good luck to you my friend.