Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cross Country DX, Fall 2012

Greetings from the great southwest!

It's been awhile. Had a good trip across country during the last three weeks of October. Been busy getting life back in order the last few weeks, so apologies for no posting. Had some good DXing moments while crossing the mid-section of the country which I'd like to relate. Long distance daytime reception along the I-70 route from Columbus, OH to Denver, CO was good.

All reception on the road using 2006 Ford Ranger truck radio with 24 inch extension to whip antenna.

October 10.

WSM-650, Nashville, TN (50KW) hung in there from Ohio clear into central Missouri at mile marker 154, near Kingdom City, a distance of 346 miles. Final reception was at 13:30L. Very weak at the end, with long fades.

The next day, traveling through eastern Kansas on I-70, the following were heard with positive ID. All daylight hours, mid-morning, 9:00-10:00L. Sunrise was 06:35L.

October 11.

KOA-850, Denver, CO (50KW) at mile marker 343 (476 miles) Weak.
KKOB-770, Albuquerque, NM (50KW) at mile marker 336 (643 miles). Weak but steady.
KGAB-650, Cheyenne, WY (8.5KW) at mile marker 286 (444 miles). Very weak.
KHOW-630, Denver, CO (5KW) at mile marker 272 (416 miles). Weak.

KKOB-770, Albuquerque was the real surprise, with exceptional distance for the time of day.

More coming soon! An article on field strength calculations is in the works, plus a field strength calculator program for mediumwave. Stay tuned.

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