Thursday, October 1, 2009

Arizona Bound

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Arizona for the six month winter season again. This week I've been arranging radios and wire and books in preparation. I'll be taking the new Tecsun PL-600, and the ultralights, but leaving the Eton E1 at home. The box loops may stay at home this year, as they take up a lot of room. Quite possibly I might build a portable box loop while I'm there. Other antenna experimentation is a distinct possibility.

I'll be doing some DXing as I cross the country from New York to Arizona. The next report back here on the blog will be from the Great American Desert, when time permits. At the other end, DXing from southwestern Arizona is always a thrill - super-quiet conditions, lots of open space, minimal IBOC interference, low splatter quotient because the big guns are a long way off, routine 500+ mile daytime DX, and Mexico right in your backyard. Looking forward to the trip, and the new DX excitement it brings!

73 to all!


ratata said...

About the Tecsun PL-600:

Did you find the AM sound too hard??

Did you find a solution for it?

I am the owner of

Radio-Timetraveller said...

Hi ratata,

The sound is a little hard, but I tend towards liking a bit of a hard sound as I find it better for DXing clarity.

You can always use the wide filter and set the tone to accent the bass side of things.