Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Brick No More

And the Eton E1 crisis has been resolved, at least so far. "gkinsman" responded to the previous post about my E1 problems and suggested a fix he saw in the Yahoo Eton E1 group. Something about a "stuck light switch". Well, after fiddling with the light switch on the E1, it suddenly sprang to life. And, it is working on battery power again, too. Seems to be stuck in Timer mode for the moment, but I think I can resolve that. A big "THANKS" to "gkinsman" for the tip!

I stick by my late comment, though, "This will be the last portable radio I spend $400 on". Too much money for a portable. But it's great having the E1 back in working order.


gkinsman said...

I was looking forward to the Grundig G3. Now that it's here, it appears that the sync detector doesn't work very well. Also, the MW band is filled with noise and hets. I guess I'll just stick to my Sony 7600GR for now.

There is a brief review of the G3 here:

Radio-Timetraveller said...

Hi Gary,

I had some interest in the G3 as well, though now that I've seen the reviews - and the vast majority seem to be fairly negative - I will pass.

Nobody seems to be able to get the sync detector quite right but Drake, who also designed the E1.

I like my Tecsun PL-600. I bought it as a replacement for my Kaito 1103 which has some quirky software. It's not quite as sensitive but the rest of the package seems to make up for it.