Sunday, April 19, 2009

Denver, CO to Avon, NY

Arrived home in Avon, NY on April 9 after a good cross-country trip, threading my way between storms. Here are a few loggings from the trip.

March 31, 2009

The UTC day has advanced and I am still camped on a high saddle near Cisco, Utah. How to make my truck radio more sensitive - attach 60 ft. of wire to it! One last try for WWL in New Orleans was a success.

870 KHz, 1853L, WWL, New Orleans, LA. Positive ID at sunset.

Now for some tidbits from the road just before sunrise the next morning. I am rolling into Grand Junction, Colorado at this time.

880 KHz, 0601L, KRVN, Lexington, NE. 50KW station.
830 KHz, 0624L, WCCO, Minneapolis, MN. 50KW station.
720 KHz, 0647L, WGN, Chicago, IL. 50KW station.

April 6, 2009

I am on the road headed east in Hays, Kansas. Here's a nice daytime long distance logging from Sioux City, Iowa on the truck radio.

620 KHz, 1500L, KMNS, Sioux City, IA. 1KW station. 293 miles distant. Good distance for such low power.

Errata for April 8 and April 9.

I know I am east of the Mississippi when I start to hear the time pips of Radio Reloj out of Cuba on 570 KHz just after sunset or just before sunrise. Heard this station on both days while in Illinois and Ohio!

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