Friday, November 14, 2008

AM Bandscan 530-1000 KHz

Been working on getting the AM bandscan filled out. This is time consuming duty, as many stations these days don't identify as readily as they used to. Sundays is always a good day, especially during football coverage, as they tend to identify more readily during this time.

This first effort covers 530 KHz through 1000 KHz. These are daytime loggings only, according to the rules set forth in a previous post, making sure stations are logged no closer than 3 hours from sunrise and sunset times. These loggings have been recorded since mid-October 2008.

All loggings were recorded using the Eton E1 with a 150 ft. longwire.

530 KHz
540 KHz
550 KHz KFYI Phoenix, AZ 5KW
560 KHz KBLU Yuma, AZ 1KW
570 KHz KLAC Los Angeles, CA 5KW
580 KHz KSAZ Marana, AZ 5KW
590 KHz KSUB Cedar City, UT 5KW
600 KHz KOGO San Diego, CA 5KW
610 KHz
620 KHz KTAR Phoenix, AZ 5KW
630 KHz KPLY Reno, NV 5KW very weak, outstanding catch for daytime
640 KHz KFI Los Angeles, CA 50KW
650 KHz KMTI Manti, UT 10KW
660 KHz KTNN Window Rock, AZ 50KW
670 KHz KBTB? Las Vegas, NV 10KW why won't stations identify?
680 KHz KNBR San Francisco, CA 50KW
690 KHz XETRA Tijuana, BC 78KW
700 KHz KALL N. Salt Lake City, UT 50KW
710 KHz KSPN Los Angeles, CA 50KW
720 KHz KDWN Las Vegas, NV 50KW
730 KHz
740 KHz KCBS San Francisco, CA 50KW
750 KHz
760 KHz KFMB San Diego, CA 50KW
760 KHz KKZN Thornton, CO 50KW
770 KHz KKOB Albuquerque, NM 50KW
780 KHz KAZM Sedona, AZ 5KW
790 KHz XESU La Dinamica Mexicali 1KW
800 KHz
810 KHz KGO San Francisco, CA 50KW
820 KHz Probable Mexican
830 KHz KFLT Tucson, AZ 50KW
830 KHz KLAA Orange, CA 50KW
840 KHz KXNT N. Las Vegas, NV 50KW
850 KHz La ZF, Mexicali 500W
860 KHz Probable Mexican
870 KHz Probable Mexican
880 KHz
890 KHz KDXU St. George, UT 10KW
900 KHz
910 KHz KGME Phoenix, AZ 5KW
910 KHz XEAO R. Mexicana, Mexicali 1KW
920 KHz KBAD Las vegas, NV 5KW
930 KHz KAFF Flagstaff, AZ 5KW
940 KHz XEMMM Mexicali 1KW
950 KHz XEKAM Tijuana, BC 20KW
960 KHz KKNT Phoenix, AZ 5KW
970 KHz KNWS Coachella, CA 5KW
980 KHz KNTR Lake Havasu, AZ 1KW
990 KHz XECL Rocola 990, Mexicali 5KW
1000 KHz Identifies as K-Star


Stephen said...

I thought XETRA 690 was 77.0 kW? (btw it's now XEWW, but if this bandscan was done before they changed I'm sure leaving the log as XETRA is fine.)

KFMB runs 5kW in the daytime, although I've occasionally heard them on 50kW in the mid-late morning a few times. (Even though I'm only 7 miles from their transmitter, I can tell whether they're on the 5kW or 50kW by how wide their signal splatters on a PLL single-conversion radio with a wide IF filter, or the numeric signal strength on my Tecsun PL-606 - typically around 70-73dBu when running 5kW, and 79-82dBu with the 50kW rig.
How strong is 770 KKOB there? I'm wondering if reception in San Diego might be possible, even with 760 KFMB next door? Or would I be more likely to here 770 KCBC Manteca, CA?
820 is probably either XEVMS or XEABCA Mexicali (not sure what call they use)
If 860 in Phoenix isn't Spanish language, I suspect XEMO in Tijuana, which I think runs 10kW daytime.

Have you had a chance to do a bandscan above 1000kHz? I think it'll be a challenge to ensure groundwave only reception, especially on the higher frequencies, though. (I commented about that on another post.)

Radio-Timetraveller said...

Hi Stephen,

KKOB-770 is fairly good here using a 24-inch passive loop. It is inaudible without it. It might be possible there if you could null out KFMB well enough, but you may need to put some distance between you and KFMB.

No chance to do a bandscan right now. I may not get to it this winter season. I have too many irons in the fire right now.

Good luck,